5 Things Every Small Business Can Fix In Their Website In The Next Week To Increase Leads

Sweet Social Media is now a fully owned subsidiary of MerlinFX for social media management services.

Sweet Social Media

Sweet Social Media can turn your social media networks into an important part of your business’s marketing strategy.

Our services are designed to educate as well as provide management plans for your social media platforms. We understand that each business is unique and assist you in creating a Social Media marketing plan to suit your individual needs.

Sweet Social Media manages Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube platforms and we offer a variety of social media management services that take care of your business’s social media needs. 

Thrive Implementation Workgroups: covering Social Media Content & Scheduling. 

Our Thrive Groups are designed for business owners to support, educate and assist them in implementing new strategies, concepts and tools into their businesses.

How many times do you attend a workshop, seminar or listen to a webinar and never implement everything you have learnt simply because you are too busy working in your business instead of on it? Learning something new can be difficult and

Learning something new can be difficult and time-consuming. Action is the key to success. We know what we need to do but so often we only half do it, or don’t start at all purely because there is too much going on or too many distractions.

Whether you are a sole trader or employ staff, implementing change is always a challenge.

So what is it that the Business Owner’s Support Groups support?

Maybe you need to work on email sequencing, or social media scheduling, or sourcing social media content, or putting together a great newsletter, or anything really. You tell us what you need to get done and we will provide a day, support and strategies to do it. Don’t put off those tasks anymore simply because it all becomes too hard.

Learning something new is daunting but not so much when you have the support of others doing exactly the same thing.

We ARE NOT teaching you anything new. THIS IS NOT a workshop.

Thrive Groups are about getting the job done.

What do you get when you join a Thrive Groups?

  • One full day away from your business to get the job done
  • Goal setting to achieve your desired outcome at the end of the day
  • Implements productivity tools to make the most of your time
  • Provides tools and resources that you can use to get the job done
  • Morning and Afternoon tea
  • Someone to provide assistance, guidance and keep you on track
  • Follow up information
  • A group environment of fellow business owners supporting each other
  • Networking
  • Small groups to allow maximum attention
  • We will keep you accountable
  • Contact information of all attendees so that we can all build our contacts

So make the choice today to make the changes that need to happen in your business. Don’t waste precious time and dollars learning about new strategies and tools and never implementing them. Let’s get the job done together, meet new people and build relationships that will continue to support you and your business. Thrive Groups are a professional and productive environment designed to get maximum results for you and your business.

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